The Three Advents of Jesus

The word Advent means coming, and God comes into our world in three movements which create orientation and guidance for our lives.

1. The Advent of the Past

The Advent Season may bring up a profound question for many people, "Why was it necessary for God to have come to us two thousand years ago?" Jesus was born of a virgin, ministered with teaching and miracles, was eventually crucified and risen on the third day. But why? Why did God not just do whatever He needed to do from His privileged position in heaven?

The answer has to do with love that God has for us, and that we are to reflect out to others.

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Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   December 17, 2023   |   John 3:16-17

2. The Advent of the Future - The End of the World

A lot of Christians are fascinated with the return of Jesus and the end of this world, and there is a lot of energy spent trying to forecast when this will happen. What is the second coming of Jesus, why does God want to end the world, and is there going to be a painful apocalypse?

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Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   December 31, 2023   |   Luke 21:34-36

3. The End of The World (Distractions)

Jesus' return and the end of time most is often associated with Revelation, and not the Gospels. Why is that? Revelation does contain imagery about our eternal life in heaven with God (Revelation 20:1-21:5), but perhaps we think of end times and Revelation because there is a long history of people who believe Revelation contains clues that will reveal when Jesus is returning, or when the end of the world will happen.

Despite Jesus telling us that we will be surprised when he returns, and that the timing is not knowable, this pursuit distracts a lot of people.

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Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   January 7, 2024   |   Mark 13:32-33

4. The Advent of the Present - Jesus sends The Holy Spirit

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   January 14, 2024   |   1 Corinthians 2:6-16

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