The Family

The family is considered the basic building block of society. But, in God's design of His world, there is another type of family that includes all his people.

1. Two Families

We are all familiar with the concept of family that contains parents and children. The family commits themselves to one another to provide four core functions: emotional security and well-being, material needs, care when we are weak, and rearing and socialization.

The Scriptures describe another type of family that is also committed to one another, and also providing these four things. So, whether or not you are in what we think of as a traditional family, you can also receive the health and benefits of being in a family of God.

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   November 5, 2023   |  

2. Rearing

When we raise children, we are doing our best to help them become a cooperative and productive member of society, and to interact with our society in such a way that they remain healthy. To raise a child requires more than instruction, for they also need sufficient experience and mentoring to help them live out those instructions.

When it comes to spiritual teachings, however, it seems that we may be satisfied with simply telling stories from the Bible of how God interacted with a people thousands of years ago. If God becomes only a story, then we'll forget him just like Israel did after the entered the Promised Land. So, we need to pursue engaging with God afresh in our current generation, so that we experience our own stories.

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Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   November 12, 2023   |   Joshua 2:6-10

3. Provision

There was a time when the churches in America were the source of helping those in need. Churches ran orphanages, cared for the needy with food and housing, provided health care, etc. Churches still dabble in these things, and send money to support these things, but the government and social service groups do most all of the work. You know ... the professionals.

God tells us to participate in helping others who are in need, but are we missing something spiritually important by not participating regularly in the discipline of helping others?

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Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   November 26, 2023   |   2 Corinthians 9:6-15

4. Care-giving

There are always times in the course of our lives when we are weak. It may be things like illness, old age, financial problems, emotional struggles, grief, or an overwhelming tragedy. We need support.

This is when families spring to action. Families use their time, resources, and skills to lift up a person when a life is in peril. Family is willing to allow their lives to be disrupted when someone in their family is disrupted. This is because family is connected to one another systemically, such as Romans 12:15 expresses it, "we rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn."

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   December 3, 2023   |   Matthew 20:26

5. Emotional Well-Being

One of the greatest benefits of family is the emotional support that is provided.
Emotional security is needed for most people to be able to have confidence as we try new things, go on new adventures, or face challenges. It is important for kids, and it is important for adults. Without it, we may cower and stagnate.

We know God is always with us, but often we experience this when our spiritual brothers and sisters stand with us and believe in our potential.

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Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   December 10, 2023   |   John 21:4-17

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