Gossip is listed among the worst sins, sandwiched between "murder" and "hating God" in the first chapter of Romans. Yet, gossip feels like just a normal, daily activity - it is everywhere!

1. What is Gossip?

Many of us may think that gossip is a small thing, but it isn't thought of that way in Scripture. Gossip is likely the very reason that people of a church want to stay private, or superficial, or seeming as if they have no struggles. This opening message is intended to shine a light on the problem with gossip, not only helping us to understand how the Bible describes it, but also why the Bible implies that it is corrosive to people and relationships.

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   July 31, 2022   |   Ephesians 4:29

2. Ending Gossip - An Interactive Sunday

It is clear that gossip is everywhere in American culture, and it is so commonly practiced that most of us probably think of it as just another form of conversation. How do we rid ourselves of something that is so "everywhere"?

Gossip is cleansed in our lives just like any other sin, where we face change by relying upon God and others. This week is an interactive session of the church, where the participants suggest ideas and strategies to identify how we might make changes to our daily lives to address gossip. We consider how to pray, confession, boundaries (fleeing), etc.

The ideas can be found at this link: Gossip and Sin-No-More

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   August 7, 2022   |   Mark 14:38

3. The Power of Talk - Meditation on Ephesians 4:29

Can you imagine that the words you speak today could either be corrupting of another person or strengthening of another person? This short article describes how we can keep Ephesians 4:29 as a point of meditation, helping us to avoid gossip and seeking instead to build up others.

Click here for this short 1-minute article: The Power of Talk

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   August 9, 2022   |   Ephesians 4:29

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