The Queen's Resolution

1. The Queen's Resolution

It is quite common for people to make resolutions at the first of a year. Losing weight, fixing finances, getting organized, and spending more time with loved ones are at the top of many lists. A physical trainer might suggest better exercise, and a nutritionist might suggest changing your diet from high-fat, high-sugar items to foods that had better health benefits. And, of course, a pastor might suggest that you put some item on your list in order to adjust your life better toward God's will - maybe stop this sin or add that virtue.

But, there is a different approach. Rather than basing our resolutions on what is wrong, let's look at what is right ... or let's consider what God has done in our past to color where we go in the future. The Old Testament book of Esther describes such things, as it lays out three types of reflections that we rarely contemplate. These reflect on the state of our life and where we've been, and they can have tremendous value in charting our steps with God: commitment, honor, and providence.

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   January 3, 2021   |   Esther 4:9-17

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