finding faith in an infodemic

An "infodemic" happens when there is an overabundance of information - some accurate, some not - making it very difficult for regular people to understand the facts and risks associated with some subject.

Of course, we've seen this happen in 2020 with the coronavirus, but it has been happening for generations with Christianity. The infodemic of Christianity propagates misrepresentations of Jesus, God's will, God's plans, faith and the Bible.

1. Will God Bless a Mess?

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   October 11, 2020   |  

2. How Do I Know I'm a Christian?

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   October 18, 2020   |  

3. Does a Christian Tithe?

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   October 25, 2020   |  

4. Does God Always Show Up?

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   November 1, 2020   |  

5. God Doesn't Want us to Have Any Fun?

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   November 8, 2020   |  

6. Am I Impacted by Generational Sin?

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   November 15, 2020   |  

7. Does God Want me Rich? Or Poor?

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   November 22, 2020   |  

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