God With Us

Most of us know that Jesus came to us over 2000 years ago ... and we know that Jesus is coming again some time in the future. We also know that God is with us every day, as the Spirit of God is in us and among us.

That means something. It means that we are not only aware and knowledgeable of God, but we can't help but be influenced by God because God is with us. All around us are the effects of mercy and grace, provision and protection, inclusion and engagement. These qualities of love are so profound to us, that all those who are around the presence of God will show these same effects to others.

1. Presence

Have you really considered what it means for God to be close to you? That's the main thing that we celebrate at Christmas: God being around us. So, that got me to thinking. If God is around me and you - like all the time - then that should start to have some influence on us. His presence is the greatest of presents.

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   November 29, 2020   |   Matthew 1:18-25

2. Provision

Have you ever wondered why the three wise men are included with most manger scenes, even though they visited Jesus and his parents more than a year after his birth. Well, I don't really know the answer, but I have noticed that there is something that ties each element of a manger together, and that thing is God's provision.

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   December 6, 2020   |   1 Timothy 6:17-19

3. Protection

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   December 13, 2020   |   Matthew 2:1-23

4. Partnership

Have you ever stepped back from the Christmas Story and wondered why God chose to connect with us in the form of a small baby, and as Jesus grew and ministered, to eventually overcome the power of sin … all in the fragile form of a human? He could have done it dozens of different ways, some of which would have been quick, spectacular and miraculous - he could have commanded or imposed it upon us. But, he did it in this human way, and in a way that ultimately reflected his love and his desire to connect with us.

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   December 20, 2020   |   John 15:12-17

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