Calming the Storms

Balance is important. Any time we over-engage with something important to life to the point that it harms something else important in life, then that is poor balance. Perhaps one of the more common examples of this in America is over-eating … it is important to eat, but when we over-indulge in eating then it causes something else important in our lives to be jeopardized: our health. But this is not the only example, we may also over-indulge in Job/Career, Health, Finances, Time, Attention, etc.

1. Career and Vocation

This message describes why we work. God designed us to do labor, but it seems that many are focusing on their career instead of the vocation God wants us to do.

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   January 7, 2018   |   Ecclesiastes 2:18-26

2. Ballance

There may be some things hidden in your life that are causing your life to be chaotic. If we want to deepen a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, we cannot remain in the shallows.

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   January 14, 2018   |   Matthew 6:22-24

3. Living Life to the Fullest

Living Life to the Fullest

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   January 21, 2018   |   Luke 9:57-62

4. My Owner

My Owner

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   January 28, 2018   |   2 Corinthians 9:6-15

5. The Culture of Gluttony

The Culture of Gluttony

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   February 4, 2018   |   Luke 12:13-34

6. Free Range Children?

Most parents want and try to raise their children to be obedient, at least somewhere on the obedience spectrum. Most children want some measure of freedom. But where is the proper, holy balance between the freedom of a person to make their own choices and the wisdom and experience of parents, or even mentors? How are we supposed to handle conflict between these two spheres? This, in many ways, is the subject Ephesians 6

Doug Ellis  Doug Ellis    |   February 11, 2018   |   Ephesians 6:1-2

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