Welcome to The Orchard!

The Orchard would love to have you and your family join us. If you are looking for a church community, here are three things you would find at The Orchard:


We Help Others

The most obvious thing you’ll notice about The Orchard is that we are outward focused. Over 50% of our tithes and offerings are typically used to help others, and most of our members are engaged in serving people in need, mission activity, and loving our neighbors.

Why? Jesus tells us that the Church’s gospel message of love and salvation is not delivered only by words, but love is demonstrated in practical ways like the story of the Good Samaritan who cared for an injured traveler.

We're Interactive

We hold Sunday worship services that are similar to what you might find in most other churches, but you will notice that we also encourage interaction – anyone can ask questions (even hard ones), make observations, or share how God is influencing them. After the service, many will stay around, share lunch, and build relationships.

Why do we stress relationships? It isn’t that difficult to learn about God or the Bible – you don’t even need to attend a church for that. But, as Christians try to put those teachings into practice, we find ourselves failing like that house built on the sand that Jesus described (Luke 6:46-49). So, we set up our activities together so that role-modeling, relationships, support, and encouragement to help us become better together.

Beyond Sunday

We know God doesn't expect us to find success with merely our own limited abilities and talents — spiritual success comes only when we have faith that connects us to the power of God. Beyond Sunday is Faith development, where a community seeks to mutually discover and grow their faith together. We use special adventures, engagements, challenges, environments, etc. to help move us out of our comfort and safety zones, and find dependency on the power and will of God.

Here are some of the ways that Beyond Sunday challenges us to improve our posture of humility, sacrifice, trust and dependency upon God. Click on an icon for a few more details.

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